Return Policy

1. After confirming the order, we will deliver the product within 48 hours.
2. If any customer changes his registered address, s/he shall update the delivery address before placing any new order.
3. If an order is not received within the scheduled delivery time, please call our “Customer/Member Support Department” with the Order Number. We will inform you about the delivery status.
4. If the customer is not present at delivery time at the registered address and forgets to update his current address, the customer is liable to pay the delivery charge again for delivering goods to the new address.
5. On delivery time, please check every ordered item carefully. When delivery is done USFOODMART will not be liable for any damage or any loss that happened after delivery.
6. If any customer orders Perishable goods our policy is no return, no exchange, and no refund.
7. If any customer’s delivery address is in a limited access area, the customer is liable to take access permission, protocol ETC from the concerned authority.
8. If Customer (User Account Holder) is not present at the delivery address, Customer’s representative must ensure his/her identity that they are the authorized person to get the delivery.
9. Customer can track delivery system anytime through our website.
1. USFOODMART reserves the right to accept or cancel the order due to product unavailability, product weight, wrong product description, price variance, or for any other reason. If the customer wants to exchange anything from confirmed order, he/she will inform us with reference of the order number before 10 am of the scheduled delivery date.
2. Customers could exchange non-perishable products if damaged/broken products are delivered by USFOODMART. Customer shall take necessary measures to check quality, order quantity and delivered quantity and product condition of the delivered products at the time of delivery. After taking delivery by the customer, the USFOODMART will not be responsible for any damage. Moreover, if any customer feels to raise his/her concern about any issue then will communicate with us by phone/text within the delivery date.
3. USFOODMART policy for all perishable items is no return no exchange.
4. For exchanging of any delivered products, the customer needs to comply with USFOODMART Operating Procedure. If the customer is eligible to get an exchange or replacement then the delivered product must be in original wrapped/unused/unwashed in any circumstances.